B & S Hearing Solutions, LLC 

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Complete audiological evaluation using the most advanced equipment

  • B & S Hearing Solutions provides hearing testing and fitting of a full range of digital hearing instruments from most major manufacturers. We will work with you to find the best solution for your hearing health care needs. 

Repair all hearing aid makes and models

  • We can repair your hearing aid quickly at a reasonable cost.

Assistive Listening Devises for Telephone, Television and Public Areas

  • Many options are available to help you hear on the telephone, watch television and in understand movies and theater.

​Earplugs for Swimming and Noise Suppression

  • Custom ear impressions are taken for an exact fit.


Musician Ear Plugs

  • Custom ear plus are made for protection from loud music. Whether you play in a band or go to many concert venues, always remember to protect your ears.